California Entry-Level Sales, Marketing & Business Development Jobs

Management Training Program

At Marathon Marketing, our management training program positions young pros who have no prior experience for entrepreneurial and managerial success by providing them with real-world knowledge and expertise. Once onboard, you will be coached by Account Managers, Brand Developers, and Business Partners from the ground up.

We strongly believe that an employee who undergoes the required training is more competent in their respective job role. The management training program at Marathon Marketing will give individuals better knowledge of their job roles and build their self-esteem, thereby preparing them for a marathon career. This confidence will magnify their overall performance, which can be advantageous for both the company and the employees. Our skilled associates, who are at the top of ever-evolving industry standards, help us hold a strong competitor within the industry.

At Marathon Marketing, we focus on our team and provide them access to the tools and help they need to learn, grow, and develop professionally and personally. We urge our associates to get involved in hands-on training and management to propel their careers. Our new recruits get a first-hand experience of what it takes to shine in the sales and marketing industry from day one. As a part of the Management Training Program, we impart the following skills:

  • Foundational sales and marketing skills
  • Decoding target demographics and market analysis
  • Leadership training and team development
  • Relationship Management and Multi-directional communication
  • Building and developing client relationships, and more.

If you have abundant energy, a team-oriented attitude, strong communication skills, and are motivated to rise higher, send a cover letter and your resumé to Marathon Marketing at